Visit to Landmarks Farm

Lee was pleased to visit Landmarks Specialist College farm in Apperknowle to find out more about how Landmarks are helping, supporting and training people from all across the North Derbyshire area.

Meeting with Ashover Patient Liaison Group

As part of his commitment to listening to residents across North East Derbyshire, Lee recently met with the Ashover Patients Liaison Group at Ashover Medical Centre.

Visiting Apperknowle's well dressing

Along with dozens of local residents, Lee Rowley attended the official opening of the Apperknowle Well Dressing today at Apperknowle Methodist Church.  

Ashover May Day

North East Derbyshire MP Lee Rowley attended Ashover May Day again this week to support one of the most vibrant community celebration days in the constituency.

Meeting Dronfield Town Council

As part of his commitment to try to meet all Parish Councils in North East Derbyshire, Lee attended one of Dronfield Town Council's full meetings this evening.