Weekly Coronavirus Facebook Live Sessions

Coronavirus has changed how all of us work and, for a short period, I am not able to hold my usual residents surgeries, organise meetings around the constituency or be out and about as much as I normally am.  As soon as it is safe to do so, I am looking forward to getting back to normal and seein

Coronavirus - advice for constituents

The coronavirus outbreak is a serious and developing situation within the United Kingdom and, like everywhere else in the country, is affecting North East Derbyshire right now.  

Tackling congestion and improving roads

Chesterfield, like lots of towns across the country, has issues with traffic and congestion.  Everyone knows that the Derby Road has huge problems with congestion and traffic, particularly at peak times or when the M1 is busy.  The main road through Clay Cross and into Chesterfield from the south

Fixing bad broadband

Access to fast broadband is increasingly important for residents and businesses wherever they are in the United Kingdom.  

Welcome to my website

Thanks for visiting my website and seeing what I've been doing on behalf of the residents of North East Derbyshire.

Sorting out planning in North East Derbyshire

For more than a decade, North East Derbyshire District has been buffered by inadequate leadership on planning.  This has been caused by the lack of a local development plan by the previous District Council who left our area open to speculative development for far too long from developers building

Marsh Lane fracking - we stopped it!

After a long three year campaign by residents, on 2nd November 2019, the Government announced a moratorium on fracking in the United Kingdom.  This came after many years of hard work and campaigning from residents and groups across North East Derbyshire, joining many similar across the country, w