Meeting with HS2 in Staveley

Lee Rowley MP welcomed representatives of the new High Speed II railway to Staveley today to discuss the potential impact on local residents if the project goes ahead in the coming years.

Staveley has been chosen as the local for the Infrastructure Maintenance Depot for the northern part of HS2.  That depot will be housed at the end of the old disused railway line going through Lowgates which will be brought back into use and connect to the new line close to Mastin Moor.  Many residents have been in touch with Lee since his election to highlight their concerns about the impact on Staveley and how HS2 have not yet been clear about their plans for the town.

"I was glad to be able to meet with HS2 representatives on the ground in Staveley today," said Lee.  "I have met with HS2 several times since my election and, although I am grateful to them for their time, I haven't yet received the answers we need as a community.  I accept that they will not have all of the detail now but I hope that there can be more information given than has been forthcoming so far.  I wanted to bring HS2 to Staveley today so they can see the impact on the ground - both on local residents and the restoration of the Chesterfield Canal.  I will keep working with them over the coming months to try to get answers for the community."