Coal Aston Resident Open Meeting

This evening Lee held the latest of his open meetings, this time in Coal Aston, to meet with residents and discuss local and national issues which they raised.

Since his election, Lee has committed to holding regular open meetings across the constituency and the one tonight at Coal Aston was part of fulfilling that promise.  On a warm sunny night, over thirty-five local residents turned out to talk about the nearby fracking application in Bramleymoor Lane, the continuing threat to the greenbelt from the Council's flawed development policies and the continuing issues with bus services in Coal Aston.

"Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting this evening," said Lee.  "It was great to see so many people come and get involved, particularly in the middle of August, and we've got some issues that myself and Cllrs Dale, Hopkinson and Hutchinson can work on over the next few months."

Lee will shortly be holding further open meetings elsewhere in the District - details coming through a letterbox near you soon!