Bus services in Dronfield area

Lee Rowley has pledged to look into the issue of bus services in the Dronfield area after being contacted by many local residents across the town.

"One of the key issues coming up from residents across Dronfield and Coal Aston over the last few months has been problems with the local bus services," said Lee.  "Local residents, particularly in Dronfield Woodhouse and Coal Aston have expressed real concerns about the recent changes to bus services which, as they say, have left them considerably worse off and less connected to both Sheffield and Chesterfield."

Lee has also discussed the issue with the organisers of a recent petition on the 44 / 44a bus service in Coal Aston which was put forward after Stagecoach made changes to the service earlier in the year.

"Trying to get bus services right is a very tricky issue," said Lee.  "There needs to be sufficient demand to support the viability of services in an area.  Local residents in Dronfield and Coal Aston have been very clear that the recent changes to their services have left them without the key links they need to get to work, to shop and to visit family and friends.  I can't promise anything but I will look into the matter further to see if any at all can be done."