My Plan

 Making sure our £50 million Town Deals benefit everyone in North East Derbyshire

North East Derbyshire is the only place in the whole country to receive two transformative Town Deals – unlocking millions of pounds of funding to regenerate Clay Cross and Staveley over the next five years.  Dozens of improvements are proposed including a new Sharley Park, the transformation of Staveley town centre and the regeneration of Clay Cross’s High Street.  I want to ensure that this £50 million is spent wisely and for the benefit of Clay Cross, Staveley and North East Derbyshire as a whole.

 Reducing congestion and traffic across North East Derbyshire for the long-term

Everyone knows that North Derbyshire’s roads need more focus – particularly the long-standing congestion issues around Staveley and on Derby Road.  For forty years, our local politicians have failed to deal with these growing problems – and I want to change that.  Getting proper, long-term solutions in place for congestion like the Staveley bypass can often take years but I’ll continue to work with local communities and Westminster to agree proposed solutions, to build the case for action and to try to win funding over the long-term.

 Speaking out against over-development

Working with our communities, I’ve been making the case against over-development and bad planning decisions since 2017 to protect our local environments and North East Derbyshire’s beautiful landscapes.  With our new District Council, we are starting the long process of turning this around together with local communities and to try to put in place new infrastructure such as The Avenue School, which we recently won funding for, in Wingerworth.  I’ll continue working to support local residents to put houses in the right places and to better protect our area for future generations.

 Supporting our recovery from Coronavirus

The last year has knocked us all for six – and we need to make sure we return even stronger after Coronavirus.  We need to ensure jobs return, our communities re-open fully and people access what they need after such a difficult time.  I’m working with local residents, businesses and the community to build back better in North East Derbyshire from the pandemic.

 Getting North East Derbyshire fit for the future

North East Derbyshire is a fantastic place to live, work and play – and I want it to stay that way.  The next twenty years are going to see huge changes in how we live, how we work and how we interact, and our area has got to be ready to ensure it can take advantage of these changes.  I will continue pushing for more jobs, better broadband and to improve our skills.

 Putting North East Derbyshire first

Since 2017, I have fought to put North East Derbyshire first.  Whether it’s fixing potholes, stopping fracking or winning our fair share of Government spending, I’ve stood up for our area where it matters.  I’ll keep working hard for North East Derbyshire.