Visiting Yorkshire Building Society in Dronfield

With access to local banks and building societies remaining an issue across North East Derbyshire, Lee visited one building society branch in Dronfield today to find out more about how they were serving the community and the plans for the future.

Yorkshire Building Society have been part of the Civic Centre shops for many decades and specialise in mortgages and savings products.  Lee was able to visit the branch, find out more about what they do and talk about Yorkshire's plans to serve Dronfield in the coming year.

"Thanks to Yorkshire Building Society for letting me visit the branch today," said Lee.  "At a time when local branches are under real pressure, and with the recent ending of Lloyd's permanent presence in Clay Cross, I wanted to find out more about the challenges and opportunities for local banks and building societies at the moment.  It was good to see the work that the Yorkshire Building Society are doing to help residents save and borrow in our area and I look forward to finding out more in the future."