Taking the fight to the top on Dronfield Fire Station

With more and more residents getting involved in the fight to save Dronfield Fire Station, Lee Rowley met with the man behind the plan to highlight the threat to North East Derbyshire if the Fire Station is closed.

In the meeting, Lee voiced local worries over the increased response time of the Fire Service if Dronfield Fire Station were to close - forcing the town to rely instead on cover from Chesterfield or Eckington in the event of an incident.

Lee discussed the proposed changes in detail with the Chief Executive of Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority, Sean Frayne, and the Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Andy Waldie, who announced plans in September to close Dronfield Fire Station as part of a wider re-organisation of the County service.

Lee said: "When faced with these kind of proposals, the best way is to take resident's concerns straight to the top.  That's why I asked for a face-to-face meeting with the Chief Fire Officer to discuss how the Authority's plans would affect North East Derbyshire."

"I highlighted the increased risk to the local community if Dronfield were to be left without a fire station for the first time in nearly 70 years."

"Ultimately, there's no two ways about it - Dronfield needs a Fire Station.  Whilst everyone knows that savings need to be found as a result of a decade of Labour over-spending, this proposal from the Fire Authority is the wrong proposal, at the wrong time targeting the wrong area for savings."

"The Fire & Rescue Authority should firstly look to further back-office and administrative savings or alternative options to ensure Dronfield Fire Station is protected."

You can also read about Lee's meeting in the Sheffield Star: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/campaigners-fight-to-save-dronfield-fire-station-1-6303629