New defibrillator opening in Cliffe Park, Dronfield

On Saturday, Lee had the privilege of officially unveiling a new defibrillator in Cliffe Park, Dronfield, which has been installed thanks to the hard work of local residents, charities and groups.

Just before the festivities at Dronfest really got going, Lee met with Cliffe Park WI and the Drone Valley Brewery to open the defibrillator in Cliffe Park after many months of fundraising.  The WI and the Brewery came together a number of months ago to create a new limited edition beer, Cherry Belles, which has been sold across Dronfield to raise money for the defibrillator installation.

"What a team!", Lee says.  "I'm very grateful to have been invited to celebrate the fantastic work of Cliffe Park WI and Drone Valley Brewery to raise for another defibrillator in our area.  Thanks to everyone who came along and for all of the great charity work that they do for our local community.  The beer was also very good too - and I hear there is another one in the pipeline for this coming year!"