Lee visits Eckington School to discuss politics and Brexit with sixth formers

Lee Rowley joined other local political representatives on Eckington School on Friday to take part in a political debate and listen to the views and issues of young people in Eckington and the surrounding area.

Along with Labour, LibDem and Green representatives, Lee spent time discussing Brexit and its impact on young people, tuition fees, voting systems and the state of politics today both locally, nationally and across the world.

"It was fantastic to be able to attend the debate at Eckington School," commented Lee.  "Listening to the issues and ideas of young people is a vital part of the political process and it was great to see so many interested and engaged in the key questions of our times."

"We certainly got a good grilling and at some points of the debate were also able to go behind some of the headlines on issues and start talking about some of the broader trends and key principles upon which politics is based - how the political process does or doesn't work, the size of the state and how politicians can avoid language to avoid discussion or turn off voters.  It was great to be able to discuss some of these issues and to challenge and be challenged on their importance for young people in our area."

"Thanks to the staff of Eckington School for organising the event and thanks to everyone who came along."