Lee visits Dronfield Fire Station

With the campaign to keep Dronfield Fire Station open in full swing, Lee visited the Hallowes Lane station on Saturday afternoon to show his support.

Lee spent time with local fire fighters along with Angelique Foster, Councillor for Dronfield South ward, to show their commitment to the campaign to keep the fire station open.

"It was really good to come down and see how the fire station works properly," said Lee.  "Dronfield has had a fire station like this for 70 years and we have got to fight to make sure this continues for 70 more."

You can find out more about Lee's campaign from recent coverage in the Sheffield Star: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/aspiring-politician-voices-concern-over-proposal-to-close-dronfield-fire-station-1-6261688.