Lee visits Bramleymoor Lane site

Local candidate Lee Rowley visited the proposed site for fracking this morning at Bramleymoor Lane, near Marsh Lane.

"So many residents have contacted me in the last few weeks regarding the possibility of fracking near Marsh Lane," said Lee.  "And although I know the Marsh Lane area well, I wanted to come back and review it again now that further information has been made public regarding the fracking proposals."

"It's clear that many residents feel very strongly about this proposal and do not want it to happen.  From the visit, I saw just how close the proposed site would be to the village and also the obvious challenges and difficulties that would be caused by it to local residents, particularly with regards to traffic and lorry movements."

"I do not support the Ineos proposal and, if elected on 8th June, would offer my support to local residents to oppose it."