Lee Rowley criticises County Council for Council Tax rise plan

North East Derbyshire Parliamentary Candidate, Lee Rowley, has slammed Derbyshire County Council's announcement yesterday that it intends to raise Council Tax in 2014 / 2015.

"This is the last thing that North East Derbyshire residents need," said Lee.  "At a time when the economy is only just beginning to pick up, councils across the country should be looking to freeze council tax, not raise it.  Local residents should be able to keep as much of their own hard-earned money as possible."

"Derbyshire Labour has a lot to answer for as a result of this unnecessary rise.  In the Council I served on we made tens of millions of pounds of back office savings to avoid having to raise council tax - Derbyshire should look to do more of this."

"Labour talks of a 'cost of living' crisis but then jacks up council tax to make it even worse.  They should know better and should think again."