Justine Greening visits Grassmoor

Local Parliamentary candidate, Lee Rowley, welcomed the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, to Grassmoor on Monday to discuss education, skills and training in our area and to support the campaign to win North East Derbyshire on 8th June.

Along with Lee, Justine spent time knocking on doors and speaking with local residents in the village to find out more about what North East Derbyshire residents are thinking and the concerns they wanted to raise with a Cabinet Minister.

"It was great to welcome Justine to Grassmoor today and this latest visit demonstrates Theresa May's commitment to our area in the next government," says Lee.  "I had the opportunity to raise issues which residents had raised with me regarding education - from school funding, to support for specialist education and for greater spending on skills development."

"If the Conservatives are re-elected to govern the country on 8th June, electing a Conservative MP in North East Derbyshire will be critical to ensuring our area has a voice at the table.  Thanks to Justine and the residents who we spoke to today and who were so willing to discuss their issues, concerns and views with the Minister."