North East Derbyshire Heroes

In just a few short weeks, coronavirus has changed all of our lives in ways that we couldn't have imagined at the start of the year and we have had to change the way we live, work and play completely.  Across the country, millions of people have come together to do the right thing for our communities, working together to help people, support each other and allow us to get through the tough times we have faced.

Everyone has had a part to play in this great national endeavour - whether its simply social distancing every day to slow the spread of the virus, to helping a neighbour or getting involved in a community group.  Some have been on the frontline tackling coronavirus in our hospitals, care homes and elsewhere or helping people have the basics they need to get by.  Thank you for everything you have done, no matter how big or small.

We know that some people have gone the extra mile in this crisis to help their neighbours, friends, family and community.  And, I want to help say thank you to some of them on behalf of North East Derbyshire.

Below is an opportunity to highlight someone who you think has done exactly that, and has shown the best of our communities. 

Let me know of anyone you think deserves recognition. 



North East Derbyshire Heroes

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