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Residents in Wingerworth will be aware of an application for 180 further houses near Spindle Drive.  The planning application is currently under consultation and we would encourage you to submit your comments here:

It's important to note that this planning application is a "reserved matters" application, rather than a full one.  Reserved matters applications follow earlier applications and deal with the detail of what is being proposed, rather than whether or not building, in principle, is permitted on the site.  I'm afraid that the principle of building 180 houses was already dealt with in an earlier planning application (2017 / 2018) and, sadly, that was agreed then - much to the opposition of myself and your local Wingerworth Councillors, Diana Ruff, Pat Antcliff and Barry Lewis.

This application is another example of why the old Labour District Council failed for so long by not getting a local plan in place to control speculative development in the south of North East Derbyshire which isn't protected by greenbelt designation.  Without that plan in place, developers were able to argue that the Council hadn't discharged its duties properly and that, therefore, more development could happen.  That is what happened in this case - the Council's failure to put a local plan in place meant that the original proposal back in 2017 ( was allowed on appeal by the Planning Inspector.

As a result, residents are now limited to commenting on the specific details of the application - the type of houses, exactly how they will deal with certain details - rather than principle itself.  I'm very sorry that we weren't able to stop this back in 2017 / 2018 but it is this lack of a local plan which continues to cause the issue.  And, as you can see below, the new Conservative administration at the District Council is trying to remedy that at the current time.

If you are concerned about the detail of this application, please do submit your views using the above link so they can be considered as part of the process.

Local Plan - cleaning up a decade of failure in North East Derbyshire

For more than a decade, North East Derbyshire District has been buffered by inadequate leadership on planning.  This has been caused by the lack of a local development plan by the previous District Council who left our area open to speculative development for far too long from developers building too many houses and often in the wrong places.  When I was elected in 2017, North East Derbyshire residents had become tired and cynical about a planning system that had gotten out of control and a District Council that didn't seem to know how to solve it:

  • Every local authority is supposed to update their local development plan saying where houses should and shouldn’t be built – yet North East Derbyshire hadn't updated theirs since 2005
  • Every Council is supposed to be able to demonstrate that it has a supply of land to be built on for the next five years – but North East Derbyshire couldn't do that for many years and so had to adopt a policy in 2010 which allowed development on the periphery of villages and towns where it wouldn’t normally be permitted
  • Every village and town has the opportunity to make its own decisions about where new development should go if it is needed – but the old local Council was not active in promoting these ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ and so only a few communities in North East Derbyshire pursued them initially
  • Every Council should actively engage with their local community to talk about planning – yet the old Council was not vocal enough for years and residents felt short-changed that they didn’t had the opportunity to shape plans which would have changed our area significantly

I campaigned in 2017 against bad planning decisions and to try to sort out the mess which the Council had gotten us all into.  And I know it wouldn't be easy - irrespective of who is in charge, planning can often be challenging and all Councils have a difficult job to get the balance right.  The building of new houses can be controversial and there are difficulties in selecting locations which residents can support.  Worse still, turning round failing planning policies take time - the seeds of the problems from 2015 onwards were sown years earlier and I knew it would take time to resolve them.  

In early 2019, we had some success when we managed to convince the Planning Inspector to change an earlier version of the Council's local development plan to remove some of the building on greenbelt around Dronfield and Eckington.  This was a very positive step forward and testament to the power of local residents, campaigners and Councillors. 

In May 2019, the residents of North East Derbyshire replaced the old failing District Council with a new team who was dedicated to trying to improve the planning problems for the long-term.  And, over the last few months, I have been helping them to review what was left by the previous administration, to help improve what the Council is doing and to plot a new course which gets us to a better place.  The draft local plan was paused for a fundamental review and the Council spent a number of months reviewing what was feasible at this late stage in the adoption process.

In Spring 2020, the Council announced it would re-start the process to adopt the local plan and informed the independent Planning Inspector to hold the final stage of hearings.  The draft plan remains sub-optimal in a number of places and, along with your local Councillors, we are going to make the case to change it further as part of these final hearings.  We are currently waiting for the Planning Inspector to decide when to hold these final hearings and, subject to coronavirus, we expect to hear more in the coming weeks.  When dates are set, we need the community to help us make the case to make changes at this late stage and trying to improve the plan further

There remains much to do on planning and, whatever happens with the local plan, we still will need a number of years to fully right the ship.  Yet, the Council are working hard to bring some order to planning in North East Derbyshire and, vitally, we have taken a major step forward in the last year.  As your local MP, I pledge to continue to try to work to improve the plan in the coming months and then to work with the Council to put planning on a firmer footing for the 2020s.



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