Let me know your views on Brexit

The UK needs to leave the European Union.  That is what the voters said in 2016 and, since my election in 2017, I have consistently voted to leave - deal or no deal.  It is now a question of trust that we leave; will politicians actually do what they said they would at the referendum or, instead, try to stop, obfuscate or slow down leaving?  I will always side with the decision of the people.

It has been a difficult and challenging time for the United Kingdom in the last year.  At times it has felt like we were going round and round in circles.  I support Boris's commitment to leaving the EU on 31st October.  He is right to try to a negotiate a better deal with the EU but, if that isn't possible, to be clear we are leaving nonetheless.

Over the past year, thousands of local residents have been in touch with regards to Brexit and I've tried to respond to every single one of you who have.  With the Autumn fast approaching, I am now keen to hear your views on what should happen in the coming weeks and to see if, and how, views have changed in North East Derbyshire.  Please take my survey on local residents' opinions on Brexit: www.lee4ned.com/brexit-survey.

Like many people, I do have a strong view on what should happen next on Brexit.  Nonetheless, whatever your view, I want to hear from you and to find our your current thoughts.  Please take my survey and let me know what you think.