Fracking proposals near Marsh Lane

Many local residents are rightly concerned regarding the proposed commencement of fracking activities off Bramleymoor Lane, near Marsh Lane in the constituency.

Fracking is a new technology for the United Kingdom and has not yet been successfully used at scale in this country.  The proposals from Ineos are to undertake, initially, exploratory works which, if successful, would eventually lead to fracking at Bramleymoor Lane.  The activities would take place on agricultural land and would see the erection of a 60m rig which would drill to around 2,400m into the ground.

During the election campaign I committed to oppose this application and now I am your Member of Parliament I will work with local residents to do just that.  The strength of feeling amongst local residents against these proposals is clear and unambiguous: they are rightly concerned regarding the potential impact on the area, the detrimental effect of increased lorries and HGVs on local roads and the effectiveness of the consultation process to date.

Status of the Exploratory Drilling Planning Application

The planning application for exploratory drilling (not fracking) has now been submitted and, until recently, the application was effectively on hold until an earlier decision was confirmed that an Environmental Impact Assessment was not needed.  It has now been confirmed that an EIA is not needed – something I personally disagree with and something which I think Ineos should really have done voluntarily anyway.

With that now decided, the planning application itself will re-start and we expected the consultation process to open shortly.  I have spoken with Derbyshire County Council this week (early July) and the notices are being prepared to post around the site. 

Interested parties are already able to submit comments prior to the formal opening of the consultation and can do so here:

I’ll keep residents updated as the formal consultation opens and will also continue to work with the local community to ensure as many people as possible are aware and can make their voice heard.

Get In Touch

If you are a local resident and would like to discuss this more, please do not hesitate to contact me at

More Background Information

You can find more information at the Eckington Against Fracking website:

You can find details of what Ineos is proposing to do here:

Derbyshire County Council also have extensive information regarding fracking:…