Fixing bad broadband

Access to fast broadband is increasingly important for residents and businesses wherever they are in the United Kingdom.  

Too often broadband is patchy or, in some cases, not available at all for those who live outside the big towns.  As your MP, I am committed to holding Openreach and others to account to improve broadband coverage in North East Derbyshire.  Too many villages and rural areas are telling me that their broadband access and speeds just aren't what they need to be to be able to use the internet properly.

In December 2017, I raised the issue of broadband in North East Derbyshire in the House of Parliament:….  

Over the last year, I have been liaising with Openreach and the County Council to push for better broadband in the areas that have been raised by local residents.  In October 2018, I met with the CEO of Openreach to highlight specific cases in North East Derbyshire that needed attention and we are continuing to work with them to try to make progress.

Do you live in an area where broadband is extremely slow or not possible?  If so, I need to hear from you!  Please get in touch at so I can use as many examples as possible when I speak to those organisations who are trying to improve it.