Coronavirus - advice for constituents

The coronavirus outbreak is a serious and developing situation within the United Kingdom and is, and will, affect North East Derbyshire.

Whilst most people who contract coronavirus will suffer only mild symptoms for a temporary period, we know it more affects some people more seriously and, in a small number of cases, lead to death.

Over the next few months there is likely to be significant changes to our daily lives whilst this outbreak is slowed and managed.  The Government is issuing regular guidance on what to do and how to approach this fast-moving and difficult situation.  

We know that the next few weeks and months are going to be difficult for many constituents.  The important and vital message is that we follow the guidance that the Chief Scientist and Chief Medical Officer provide.  This guidance is in place not just for us but also for those people in society who are more vulnerable to coronavirus - so please do follow it irrespective of whether you personally believe you will be relatively unaffected.

Regular, updated guidance on coronavirus (including what to do if you have symptoms) can be found here:

Additional information - including information for businesses and details about how the UK is dealing with this issue - can be found on the Government's website:….

The Government is also holding daily press conferences on coronavirus and I would encourage you to watch these if you would like to know more detail about the strategy and the scientific advice.  The first few can be found here:

12th March:

16th March:

17th March:

Derbyshire County Council also have useful information and are acting as the lead coordinating body for the community in our area:….

If you have any questions, issues or difficulties, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 439222 or and we will try our best to help.