Congestion on the Derby Road

Everyone knows that the Derby Road has huge problems with congestion and traffic, particularly at peak times or when the M1 is busy.  The main road through Clay Cross and into Chesterfield from the south of the constituency is now massively busy, over-congested and a burden on people and businesses getting around their daily business in our area.

Of course none of this is new.  When I was growing up in Chesterfield twenty years ago the Derby Road was busy and often difficult to get up and down.  In recent years, this has got even worse - estimates from the Department for Transport suggest traffic has grown by around ten percent in recent years.  Many years ago, there was talk of a spur off to the motorway or even a dual carriageway down from the Horns Bridge roundabout to try to improve the situation.  None of these solutions have gotten very far.  Some small changes are currently being made, including the creation of new roundabouts to get on and off the Derby Road but the key issue - too much traffic and not enough road space remains as bad, if not worse, than it always was.

To start the conversation off, I recently brought the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, to Chesterfield to see the issues of the Derby Road himself.  We took Chris to Clay Cross, Tupton and Wingerworth to demonstrate the pinch points, congestion and the traffic which local residents see on a daily basis.  

There is no magic bullet to solving Derby Road and the congestion that has built up over many decades.  What we have missed, however, in recent years is a proper conversation about how we can improve the situation - and this is something I'm determined to change.  I want to hear from you about how you think the Derby Road can be improved - what can the Council or the Government do to make the situation better?  Nothing will be easy, and it is likely to require hard choices from the community, but if we want to try to improve the situation in the next ten years, then we need to start talking about it now.  Get in touch and tell me your thoughts: